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Contexts is an open-access, peer-reviewed research journal supported by members of the Systemic Design Association. It is the first journal dedicated to scholarly reporting and research studies in the interdisciplinary field of systemic design. The journal is dedicated to systemic design and innovation, design process, and design thinking in today’s complex sociotechnical environment.


Contexts Volume 1 includes histories, futures, theories, and real-world cases—and reveals new design contexts emerging from acts of co-creation and systemic design's role as an interdiscipline that joins systems thinking to design methodology. As a collection, the articles present a common ground of complexity viewed as a grand challenge.


Following a review of publishing options in the Winter of 2021, an SDA working group determined that there was a place for a scholarly journal dedicated to systemic design. The SDA board formed the Contexts publications team to support a continuous publishing model, producing annual volumes (not issues) to allow collections to expand or adapt as necessary.


As an SDA "society" journal, Contexts promises a fresh perspective on publishing for authors, oriented to developing scholars in the field, as much as the quality of scholarship. The change from the publishing ladder to the scholar's spiral indicates this commitment. The editors also aim for a fast turnaround of decisions and more contextual reviews. The call for manuscripts for Contexts is always open—as a continuous publishing model, editors will accept papers at any time.


The Systemic Design Association will send you quarterly updates on systemic design and activities in the SDA network. During the annual Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) Symposium timeframe SDA will send brief updates related to RSD keynotes, papers, and workshops.

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