The Journal of the SDA

The SDA aims to increase the productivity and availability of systemic design research by launching an SDA journal in 2021.  Interested authors should expect to see a call for papers for the first issue summer 2021.

Three publication formats are envisioned – peer-reviewed research articles, reviewed essays, and selected design case studies. The RSD “publication ladder” will still apply, where the sharing of early and original ideas at the RSD conference is privileged over final study presentations. The feedback from collegial dialogue can lead to stronger proceedings and papers following the symposium.

For more information, please contact Peter Jones.


RSD proceedings editors have collaborated with the following journals below on notable issues over the years, from RSD2 through RSD8.


Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation.

formakademisk cover

FORM Akademisk

Research Journal of Design and Design Education


Service Design and Systems Thinking and
Strategic Design Research Journal


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Don't forget: The Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium is November 3-6, 2021.


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