RSD proceedings have often been further developed as peer-reviewed articles with special issues in design journals FORMakademisk, She Ji, and several edited volumes and collections. In the spirit of the RSD Publishing Ladder that was encouraged over our first decade, the SDA continues with a cyclic, non-hierarchical approach to advance scholarship, which we call the Scholars Spiral. The Spiral is meant to indicate the continuous process of development of research and its mobilization, represented by a spiral that expands outward rather than the conventional “upward” ladder metaphor. However the spiral should be seen as a way for scholars to also start anywhere with their work, to expand or to pause publishing according to interest and collaboration.

1-RSD symposium abstracts
2-Presentation and dialogue at RSD Symposium
3-RSD proceedings paper
4-Development for other conferences
5-Refereed publication of work in progress: case brief or relevant journal
6-Refereed publication of research in Contexts – The Systemic Design Journal