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The Chilean Constitution-Making Process

Diseño Sistémico y Convención Constitucional The design school of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is holding a webinar about the potential contribution of systematic design methodologies in the development of the Chile's constitution. Although the Chilean Constitution has been amended several times, much of the original text remains, dating to the dictatorship of General Augusto […]

Digital seminar: Systemic design and sustainability

Online Event

Beyond Net Zero is the British Design Council's new systemic framework that puts people and our planet at the center of sustainable development. In this seminar, the content and thoughts behind the framework will be presented.


Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium

TU Delft

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOTE: ON-CAMPUS at TU DELFT Advance registration for SDA members from September 17 to 24, 2021On-campus registration opens to the public on September 25Complex systems do not lend themselves to much simplification. Systemic designers have no choice but to embrace complexity, and in doing so, embrace opposing concepts and the resulting […]

€40 – €120

Systemic Design Association General Assembly

Online Event

Announcing the Systemic Design Association General Assembly 2021 The Systemic Design Association holds a General Assembly (GA) once each year. The GA forms the governing body of the SDA. It is open to all; however, only SDA members have the right to vote. Each member has one vote. WHY ATTEND? SDA is a democratic, non-profit […]