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While there are several high-quality general design journals and many niche publications, there are no scholarly journals dedicated to systemic design, or the contributions of systems, cybernetics and complexity in design studies.

As systemic design is a developing interdisciplinary field with researchers coming to systems theory from design and design practice from systems, the dearth of publishing outlets has perhaps limited the potential output of research. The lack of a field-identified journal may limit the perceived impact of the discipline.

Several high-quality design journals welcome systemic design studies and RSD proceedings editors have collaborated with the following journals below on notable issues over the years, from RSD2 through RSD8. To date, only about five per cent of studies or theoretical work presented at RSD culminates in peer-reviewed publications.

The SDA aims to increase the productivity and availability of systemic design research by launching an SDA journal in 2021.

Shi ji

Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation


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