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John Cassel

Recently, I've been interested in exploring landscape, agroecological, and biological design as approaches to systemic issues. Previous writing for this community in this area considered permaculture design as a systemic design practice.

Previous work included developing methods for avoiding risk governance deficits for through discovering stakeholder concerns and knowledge, which was the subject for my final OCADU graduate work with Peter Jones as lead advisor. This work lead to a broader consideration of discovery processes various forms of technical design.

My work is strongly informed by a variety of technical practices, including data modeling, knowledge representation, simulation, and statistical learning, informed by my undergraduate training in computer science and subsequent career helping bring Wolfram|Alpha and Agrible into the world as a programmer.


Primary Affiliation:Indigo Agriculture


Country:United States


Recently, I've begun new work with Indigo Agriculture concerning domain design and software engineering for carbon farming and multi-functional sustainable landscape design more broadly.


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