People working in systemic design

Contact information and profiles of people in our design community.

Tobias Luthe

Tobias Luthe (PhD) is an academic transdisciplinary hybrid, and a designer. He is trained in forest and environmental sciences, in wood engineering and passive house design, environmental economics, sustainability communication and didactics, and in resilience of social-ecological systems.
Tobias is a professor for sustainability science and regenerative design.
He directs Systemic Design Labs at ETH Zurich and is associated at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Norway). He is co-founding director of the MonViso Institute in the Italian Alps, a real-world laboratory for sustainability transitions and regenerative design. And he co-founded Grown, a design-as-nature lab and experience collective, winning industry awards for bio composites. Tobias is a mountaineering guide and photographer.


Primary Affiliation:ETH Zurich, AHO Oslo, MonViso Institute





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