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Boudewijn Bugter

Boudewijn Bugter is director/owner of theRevolution, a Dutch research, design and consultancy agency. In twenty years of consultancy work in business and (semi-)government, he discovered his calling: working on a society in which everyone can participate. To achieve that goal, he helps organizations to put people and their lived experiences at the center of policy, services and implementation.

In addition to consultancy work as a senior innovation advisor, he likes to share his knowledge. He publishes, speaks and coaches. He co-wrote 'Working with Profiles and Personas. There's Value in Pigeonholing' (Van Duuren Management, 2018), which is about human-centered services and people as the heart of the customer-centric organization.

In June 2022 he published 'Social Service Design: Changing perspective in social issues and public services' (Van Duuren Management). Social Service Design requires more than a designer's view, brain and bravado. It requires the core competencies Ratio, Empathy and Imagination. In other words, using critical thinking and analytical skills to assess a problem situation. Understanding the other, empathizing with his/her lived experiences, motivation and needs. And seeking new pathways with imagination, creativity and fantasy. The book links these core competencies to insights and models in the fields of public administration, behavioral sciences, philosophy and ethics, future framing and strategy, innovation and transition management, implementation and change management, systems and (of course) design thinking. In doing so, he provides guidelines to start working on social service design challenges right away.


Primary Affiliation:theRevolution

City:Den Haag



theRevolution helps public organizations and the professionals that within those organizations to change their perspective, to challenge their ways of working. We help them better understand audiences. To build stronger relationships. And to design services and interventions that are good for people.

We do this through research, strategy and design of innovations. And above all by experimenting together and seeing what works. And by guiding you through implementation and the changes that are needed.


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