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  • Benedicte Wildhagen

  • Contact Information

  • Oslo
  • Norway
  • (GMT +2:00) Kaliningrad, South Africa
  • Profile

  • Design and Architecture Norway
  • Benedicte Wildhagen is an experienced design and innovation adviser with deep expertise in orchestrating strategic and innovative use of design in the public and private sector. She is experienced in developing multi-stakeholder, human-centred innovation initiatives within or between organizations. Benedicte is responsible for Design and Architecture Norway’s (DOGA) co-design and development of StimuLab, an experimental public sector program in collaboration with the Norwegian Digitization Directorate. Since 2016 StimuLab has been a catalyst for commissioning and applying systemic design to complex public innovation issues in Norway. She seeks to bring the public sector, research and businesses together to promote design and the design industry as innovative, creative and professional among decision-makers. For the last decade, she has served as sensor for and collaborative partner with Systems Oriented Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). Benedicte is also part of D-box, a National Center for Transforming public services, consisting of DOGA, AHO, and BI Norwegian Business School. D-box aims to engage in questions relating to the materiality, structures, processes, relations, systems, and complexities of the Norwegian public sector, look at emergent hybrid capabilities, and develop executive courses for the public sector.


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