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  • Anna Gyllenklev

  • Contact Information

  • Stockholm
  • Sweden
  • (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca
  • Profile

  • DA REsearch Institute
  • Anna Gyllenklev (aka Gee Annie) is a systems thinker enthusiast, future design strategist and mixed-media artist. She wanted to combine her skills to share an alternative viewpoint of (1) who you are and why you are, and (2) the world as you see it. Gee Annie has a research interest in 'what's steering the result? why do we end up where we end up?', which implies all the elements and interconnections that leads to a result – how they a codependent and co-created with one another. Gee Annie is currently doing her master thesis at (KONSTFACK), University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm/Sweden.

    Gee Annie is the founder of:
    Moving Art Project –
    Let's Design Action –
    DA REsearch Institute –

    Gee Annie is the creator of:
    The Artwork – 'Polite ics city'
    The Trilogy – 'DE SIGN OF HUMAN S'
    The Theory – 'The Relational Shape'
    The Systems Model – 'The Golden Gaps Model'



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