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  • Francis Laleman

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  • Singapore
  • Singapore
  • (GMT +8:00) Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong
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  • Agility & Learning Beyond Borders
  • learner experience design, cooperative learning, art-based learning, facilitation, systems, agile communities, resourceful exformation


    Francis is a designer for social innovation - in communities, in the educational field, with NGO's, and with corporate L&OD professionals. As part of this track, he has been a teacher of Learner Experience Design at HRD Academy, Belgium, and of Agile HR processes at Brugge Business School, Louvain University of Applied Sciences, Belgium. He is a Scrum and Agile teacher and coach, and he has developed a new take on building the conditions for the emergence of a creative space for the facilitation of learning (Laleman, 2020).

    Today Francis lives in SE Asia. He is a writer, a painter, a husband, and a father. He mainly works with systemic designers and facilitators in the social field, in development projects with adolescents and young adults, often in marginalized communities, in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong (SAR).


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