The Systemic Design Association is a non-profit scholarly association leading the research and practice of design for complex systems. Please review the SDA statutes before registering. SDA is a membership organization registered with the Brønnøysund Register Centre in Norway.

To initiate your membership choose either the general or student option. After your first year, you have the option of continuing as a supporter with a financial contribution or as a community member. Community membership automatically begins at the end of your first year unless you renew your financial support. Both types of members have the same benefits; however, supporters are entitled to one vote at the annual general assembly.

  • Recommended hub membership contribution for systemic design groups that receive financial support from their institution.
    Recommended membership contribution for professionally employed members and individuals living and working in upper-middle to high GNI countries.
    Affordable membership option for individuals experiencing financial challenges, as well as for those residing and working in lower-middle to low-income countries.
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The Systemic Design Association will send you quarterly updates on systemic design and activities in the SDA network. During the annual Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) Symposium timeframe SDA will send brief updates related to RSD keynotes, papers, and workshops.

RSD11 event updates, program content, and proceedings are posted on