Field and Practice Partners

The Systemic Design Association has benefited greatly from participation and support from a strong network of other disciplinary associations, design councils, research institutes and leading practices. The following partners are continuing and sustaining organisations, and we invite others to become partners and share in research or practice collaboration. SDA practice partners put systemic design to work in design, architecture and planning, economic and organisational development, health and well-being, policy and governance, social ecology sustainability, and sociotechnical systems.

Cumulus Association logo


Cumulus Association

The global association serving art and design education and research. Cumulus is a forum for partnership and transfer of knowledge and best practices.

Oslo, Norway

Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)

Hub established by Norsk Form and the Norwegian Design Council. DOGA is a driving force behind sustainable value creation through design and architecture. DOGA facilitates collaboration between creative talents and businesses and work to strengthen the role of design and architecture in shaping the Norway of tomorrow.

Flourishing Enterprise Institute logo

Toronto, and Worldwide

Flourishing Enterprise Institute

Network of research nodes for applied research and developing innovation practices in strongly sustainable organizations. A convening group of knowledge creators, organizational and new economics researchers, systemic designers, and advanced practitioners for studies and advocacy for socio-eco-collaborative flourishing.

Halogen logo

Oslo, Norway


Interdisciplinary design and innovation firm that develops products, services, systems and processes for a number of industries and sectors. With a systems oriented design practice, taking the user’s perspective whilst understanding the importance of elements such as the economy, safety, culture, ethics, sustainability, legislation and technology.

Cumulus Association logo


International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR)

The International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR) is the peak body of the systems community, representing over 30 organisatons and 30,000 systems scientists. IFSR is a virtual platform that convenes and facilitates the rich academic tradition not only but primarily of system sciences, cybernetics and complexity theory as a basis and the many vivid practices and applications set out to meet the challenges of the Anthropocene in the 21st century.

MaRS logo

Toronto, Canada

MaRS Discovery District

Innovation hub that supports startups in the health, cleantech, fintech, and enterprise sectors. MaRS Solutions Lab (Alex Ryan, Jerry Koh) helps Canadian cities tackle their most complex chalelges. From urban inequality and youth unemployment to advancing affordable housing and shared mobility, MaRS Solutions Lab bridges public and private organizations to deliver inclusive innovation in Canada.

MonViso Institute logo

Ostana, Italy

MonVisio Institute

The MonViso Institute is a place and state of mind as an evolving open innovation ecosystem – a real-world laboratory for research, education, entrepreneurship and new living – on sustainability transitions and regenerative design for a more resilient and just society. A real-world laboratory, to experiment with systemic design solutions to complex sustainability challenges

Namahn logo

Chicago, USA


A human-centred design agency based in the heart of Brussels. Kristel Van Ael, partner, is lead designer of the Systemic Design Toolkit. An international team of designers from varied backgrounds and interests, we want to contribute to a better future through design through:

Digital products that enhance user satisfaction. Successful service experiences.
Designing systemic change and innovation management strategies.

redesign logo

Toronto, Ontario

Redesign Network

Design/research innovation firm led by Peter Jones. Focus on calibrated, high-performance platforms supporting productive engagement, specializing in professional practices. Customized methods and team engagements to design uniquely effective and inimitable innovations that establish an offer or brand’s relevance to customers. Practice development within client organizations to sustain innovation through the diffusion of learning value.

StimuLab logo

Oslo, Norway


Directorate for Digitalisation and DOGA policy lab to stimulate public innovation

systemic design lab logo

Torino, Italy

Sys- Systemic Design Lab

Sys- Systemic Design Lab at Politecnico di Torino is a research group dedicated to exploring the methods and tools of systemic design for environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Sys team applies the systemic approach to different sectors, engaging with public and private stakeholders, both local and international, to design sustainable systems. Their research focuses on three main areas: territorial enhancement, industrial innovation, and sustainable products, each of which aims to contribute to the overall goal of creating a more sustainable and circular future.


The Systemic Design Association will send you quarterly updates on systemic design and activities in the SDA network. During the annual Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) Symposium timeframe SDA will send brief updates related to RSD keynotes, papers, and workshops.

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