RSD10 | NOV 3-6, 2021



Fees have not yet been set for RSD10 but you can pre-register to hold your place. You will receive updates and be notified when registration opens.

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Playing with Tensions: Embracing new complexity, collaboration and contexts in systemic design

Complex systems do not lend themselves to simplification. Systemic designers have no choice but to embrace complexity, and in doing so, embrace tensions. RSD10 will explore design and systems thinking as mediators. Our human tendency is to relieve tension, and in design, to resolve “pain points”. But tensions reveal the paradoxes as sites of connection, breaks in scale, the emergence of complexity. Can we embrace the tension – the paradoxes – as valuable social feedback in our path to sustainable and just futures?


RSD 10 Call for Papers

RSD10 offers a platform for discussing ongoing work with peers and presents the state-of-the-art in the systemic design field. This year there are two paper tracks: short papers for ongoing work, and long papers for finished work.

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