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SystemViz toolkit

system vi

Peter Stoyko

This article is adapted from the SystemViz project page and RSD5 and RSD8 presentations made by Peter Stoyko. SystemViz resources include tools, source files, and changelogs.

SystemViz is a research project by Peter Stoyko exploring how visuals can enhance systems thinking, especially as it relates to inter-disciplinary, collaborative design. Findings are expressed as visual codexes and other applied tools. Phase One of the project is an exploration of the visual notation techniques used to express systems across disciplines.

Phase Two is an exploration of the theoretical literature of various disciplines—in the natural science, social sciences, design disciplines, and managerial disciplines—to distil the basic elements and dynamics. These elements and dynamics are then abstracted into generic types and displayed with an illustrative icon. This is called a Visual Vocabulary. which is being released under a Creative Commons Free Culture license for all to use and modify.

Check for project updates, including a third phase about using “motion signatures” to analyze and communicate systems.